This is why...

This blog has been created to give our family and friends an idea of our journey through infertility and the steps we chose to take to make our dream of becoming parents a reality. There may be a few graphic details here and there, along with some fun photos, but most importantly, we wanted to document these events in our lives for our future children and for anyone else who dreams of becoming a parent. Enjoy!

*Anyone who may be interested in us as adoptive parents, please feel free to check out our link at Bethany.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The day after...

So yesterday was not a good day as I'm sure you've all heard. Lots of crying, lots of asking, "why?", and lots of feeling like I serve no purpose. I know that's not true but when all you want to do is be a mother and God keeps telling you, "not yet", it gets a little frustrating and you start to wonder what your purpose is and what we should do next. Maybe he's telling us to just wait a few months, maybe he's telling us to use a surrogate, or maybe he's telling us to adopt. It's funny because for the past few years I have never been able to picture myself in a hospital bed with my newborn surrounded by loved ones. I've always had this picture of Darryl and I walking into baggage claim at LAX with our newborn in our arms and tons of family and friends waiting for us. I don't know if this is something we should follow or if I'm just picturing it because the thought of having our own babies is so unreachable right now. Only God knows. But for now we have paid for 2 rounds of IVF so we are for sure trying it one more time. Whether or not we have healthy embryos left over will determine our next move if round 2 fails. And I'm sure some of you are reading this thinking, "Oh no...they shouldn 't be thinking about round 2 failing, they need to be positive, they need to relax and let it happen, they need to not worry." Well's not as easy as it sounds. We've wanted children for 3 years now and with IVF you have to expect the best and be prepared for the worst all at the same time. We are doing the best we can and are trying to keep our excitement for what God has planned. Not an easy road, and I hope that Darryl and I can be encouraging to other couples going through the same situation. Neither one of us are the type of people that can go out on the street and spread the word of God but I hope that through sharing this experience with others, we can be witnesses in our own way. Instead of turning our backs on God in this tough situation, we are trusting that he knows what is best. Our time will come and be so much greater than we ever expected. now on to the fun stuff. Darryl took the day off today so we could spend the day together doing whatever we wanted. We had the awesome idea of taking our babies (Ari and Drama) to the dog beach. Well our fun filled beach day with our lovely little puppies quickly turned into a bad scene from "Marley and Me". We still had a good time but Ari (our 5 month old German Shepherd) has never been to the dog beach and insisted on barking at every dog, person, bird, car, stick, wind, ....that went by. We didn't take her off the leash very often because we weren't too sure what she would do. The first time we let her off, she ran after her tennis ball, grabbed it, and then headed off to a family down the beach that had 2 little girls who didn't seem too thrilled to have a 40 pound dog charging at them with a tennis ball in her mouth . Darryl chased her down the beach, apologized, and Ari ended up back on her leash. Then Darryl took her off her leash a little later, played some more catch with her, and then brought her back up to me on the sand. We continued to hold her as anyone walked by because she would be barking like crazy at them. One lady told us to just let her go because us holding her back might be making Ari think that there is something wrong. Sooooooo....we let her go and she played some more catch and then came up to sit by me on the sand. (Meanwhile Drama didn't want ANYTHING to do with the water, the sand, the other dogs. NOPE. It was almost like she didn't want her pretty little princess paws to get dirty. So she sat cuddling with me on the beach) So then out of nowhere, a giant pit bull comes charging towards us on the beach (I'm sure it just wanted to play) but Ari got in full attack mode trying to protect us, jumped over me (scratching my arm up and knocking me in the face), and was about ready to rip this dog's face off. While I checked to make sure my nose wasn't broken, Darryl pulled the dogs apart and at that point I said WE'RE DONE! Here's some pics of our day! :)

This is Ari when is she is somewhat behaving.

Our precious little princesses

I thought this was a pretty cute pic of D and Ari.

Drama with her,"Can we go now?" face.

Me and baby Drama

This is what happens when your dog is trying to save you from a pit bull!

So besides the doggy madness, we had a good day. Darryl and I went to Esther's Tacos for lunch and then relaxed at home until he went to his basketball game. :) I did want to say to everyone thank you for all the prayers!!!!! I feel like we owe you a baby or something. But please keep praying. I know God listens. xoxo

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for peace for Darryl and I as we move into IVF round 2.
2. Pray that I won't be a crying mess while meeting with Dr. H this Thursday. (I tend to do that)
3. Pray that Dr. H has a new medicine protocol for us based on our last IVF round and high hopes that things will turn out better.
4. Pray for my cousin Arielle. She too received a negative on her pregnancy test and is doing her best to stay strong.
5. Pray that we will both be able to add a baby (babies) to our family this year. :) Thank you!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Game. Better luck next time...

That about sums it up for Jen and me right now. We got the bad news this afternoon, and we, like always, are floored. We try to not get our hopes up, but I don't think that is possible. We feel devastated.

We've spent the first hour sitting around the house not really doing anything. We haven't felt much like talking (at least I haven't). So if we haven't called or texted you back, that's why. I know there have been a ton of messages, and it is greatly appreciated.

We eventually got up and had lunch. Jen had a sorely needed Dr Pepper. I also set up the rest of our garden fence to help clear my head. I think it will keep our Pekingese, Drama, out. But, no guarantees about our German Shepherd puppy, Ari. She likes to get in trouble a lot...

We have a consult with Dr H on Thursday morning to discuss what the next steps are. We are 0 for 4 now with IUI and IVF with one more shot left at IVF. I am not sure if Dr H plans to change our approach to things. We will find out then. The good thing is that if this is going to work, it usually is on the second try.

Whatever is decided, we will need to save a little bit for the meds before we can go again. I believe they need Jen to go back on birth control for a couple months to get the timing down. So that could work out well in our favor financially. We could always just charge it, but I would much rather not do that.

If this last attempt does not work, we most likely will change gears and look at adoption. I am guessing this will all depend on what happens with the eggs they extract from the next round. If there are good eggs left over from the 2nd round, we will surely think about trying again or maybe even surrogacy. We haven't given any thought to surrogacy. We will cross these bridges later if we have to.

I know I will (and I'm sure Jen will too) always be wondering what our 3 embryos would have been like if they made it. I am sure they would have been great kids, but they weren't in God's plan. Hopefully, they are put to a better purpose.

Please keep us in your prayers. This is going to be a long next couple of weeks/months. Drinks Friday??? Yes, Please!!!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Blood test

Hi everyone! Wow! It feels good to be off bed rest! Thank you again for everyone who cooked, brought food, came by to visit, called me, face booked me, and kept Darryl and I in your prayers. You are all so amazing! Yesterday we had a blood test to measure my hormone levels. If there was a problem the nurse would have called me last night to tell us to increase the progesterone in our nightly shots. However, we did not receive a call so everything is good so far. :) I've been trying to keep busy without doing anything too strenuous. If I'm just sitting around, I find myself analyzing every little feeling I get. (Was that a normal cramp? Was that a period cramp?) You know...that kind of stuff. And it's starting to make me crazy and emotional so I've decided to stop and just let God do his thing. Either I'm pregnant or I'm not, but analyzing everything won't change that. Today I was able to spend the day with my cousin Arielle who is also going through fertility treatments as well. She had an I.U.I. done and her pregnancy test is the day before mine. As we relaxed by the pool today, she showed me an article in a magazine that talked about a couple who had been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. They went through a few IVF cycles but never told anyone about their trouble, not even their own parents. They ended up lying to people and telling them they were going on trips when really, they were going through their IVF cycles on their own. They were so sad about their situation that they didn't want anyone else to have to carry the pain with them. The article went on to say that if more people would talk about fertility problems instead of being ashamed of them, then maybe our government would start seeing it as a medical problem that insurance SHOULD cover. For those of you that don't IVF cycle can cost anywhere from $10,000-$12,000. Currently there are some states in the US who do see infertility as a medical problem and cover the treatments through insurance. However, California sees it as an optional treatment (almost like cosmetic surgery) so you can see why couples go bankrupt trying to start their families. Anyway, Arielle and I are both glad we chose to tell our family and friends what we are going through. I honestly think it would stress me out more to lie about it and hide it from everyone then to be honest and ask for prayers. Thank you for being the people to share all the news with us, good and bad. :)

Here are some specifics to pray for...
1. Please pray that our pregnancy test on Monday is a BFP (that's fertility forum talk for BIG FAT POSITIVE)
2. Pray that my cousin also gets a BFP! :)
3. Pray that no matter the outcome, we will have hope and be excited for what's coming next
4. Pray that we will continue to feel God by our sides and put our trust in him

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Last Night of Bed Rest!!!

It has been a very long last 4 days for Jennifer. She has been stuck in bed for the last 4 days, only allowed to sit up for dinner and get up to go to the bathroom. I am sure she is really looking forward to getting back to a somewhat normal life, doing things such as taking showers, and walking downstairs. Thank you to my awesome mother-in-law for taking great care of her so I could go to work. Also, thanks to Missty for preparing a delicious meal for us last night. Most importantly, thank you to my wife for allowing my friends to come over today for our annual Fantasy Football draft! You truly are amazing!!!!

Hopefully, this is all worth it for us. By the end of the day, the embryos should have attached. Dr H mentioned that if they are to attach, it usually happens on Day 5 or 6. Today is day six. She has been feeling light cramps the last couple days (much lighter than her normal ones). We are both praying that they are implantation cramps.

On Monday, we head back to the Dr for a progesterone level test. Hopefully those levels are normal. We still have daily shots while we wait for the pregnancy test day. We're about halfway there...

Please keep us in your prayers!!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Transfer Day!!!

Today was the big day! The morning started with a call from Dr H explaining that we would transfer all 3 eggs. One of the embryos was below average and would not have survived the freezing practice. The overall score for our embryos was 2.2 which is average. 1.0 is best. So we came in knowing that we could have triplets or more (6% chance of an egg split). Dr H wanted to make sure we understood what that meant and that we were OK with that possibility. We, of course, are.

Jen had to start drinking 40 oz of water at 7:30 AM to fill up her bladder. She had 1 hour to finish it by check in. The transfer was scheduled for 9:30. She only made it to about 9:05 and we had to tell the staff that it was go time. They got us in just minutes later and started prepping us. Dr H had us sign an agreement saying we were transferring all 3 embryos and showed us a picture of them.

The procedure is done with a catheter guided by an ultrasound. The ultrasound was through the stomach which meant they had to push on Jen's full bladder. She was extremely uncomfortable, but she made it through. They got all 3 embryos in successfully!!! If you look at the next image, you will see a long white line across the middle starting on the left side. That is the catheter. The white blob next it is where the embryos came out....

So now its up to them and God to find a comfortable place to grow. The waiting begins for the pregnancy test. Until then, Jen is on bed rest for 4 days and then we have a blood test on Monday to check her progesterone levels. Hopefully, all attach and we have triplets! Please keep praying for them and us!



Monday, August 16, 2010

New Shots...

So I had to give Jen new shots tonight. She got the progesterone and estrogen shots into her back/hip muscles. It was with a much larger needle 1 and 1/2 in. We were both really nervous but it went well. Jen said they didn't hurt! Only 2 more weeks of those left...

Hello teeny embryos!

So it's official! Dr. H just called and we have 3 babies growing away in an incubator! The fourth one fertilized abnormally so it didn't make it. Although we're sad about the fourth one, we are very excited about the other 3. I know I'm not pregnant yet but we already consider these little embryos our children and pray, pray, pray, that they continue to grow. And what's really cute is that my beautiful 2 year old niece Delilah has been saying for almost a year now, that Auntie Jen is going to have 3 babies growing. Not 1, not 2, but she has always said with confidence... 3! Maybe God was trying to tell us something a long time ago. :)
Tonight we will start the other 4 medications. I will be taking tetracycline, methlyprednisolone (which are both pills 4 times a day), and then estradiol valerate and progesterone (which are both shots given by huge needles that go into my lower back muscles). Eeeeeek! I'm a little nervous for those ones but I know Darryl will do a good job. Dr. H also said that if all 3 embryos are growing really good, then they will only put 2 back in me and we will freeze the other one. If the third embryo isn't growing as well, she will put all 3 back. This will most likely take place on Wednesday.
I'm feeling good today but am still supposed to take it easy. I've been reading, watching all my favorite reality shows, and trying to eat pretty good. We've also been praying A LOT! The number of embryos is lower than what our doctor would have liked but we try to see it as God is definitely taking care of our worry about what to do with extra embryos.
Thank you for all of you who kept us in your prayers yesterday and who continue to do so. This experience has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions but it helps so much to know that we have so many people praying for us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

Prayer Requests: Please pray...
1. that all 3 embryos continue to grow beautifully
2. that God will allow the right amount to be put back in me whether it's two or three (we are leaving this up to him!)
3. that my shots will not be too painful and that Darryl will feel confident in giving them to me
4.that my uterus will develop into the perfect home for the embryos and that they will stick
5. that we will be able to add a baby (babies) to our family within the year :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Retrieval Day!

Hey Everyone. It's Darryl. Jen is resting and relaxing from an eventful day for us.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been reading and praying for us. It has been pretty overwhelming for both of us to see how supportive you are.

Today's procedure was successful relative to whom you spoke to first. Dr H. harvested 4 perfectly healthy and mature eggs today. That is 4 of 12 that Jen had produced. Jennifer was disappointed at the outcome and was crying when I came in to see her.

Prior to going to the recovery room, Dr H. explained to me that the other eggs were not as developed and were not good candidates for re-implantation later. She thinks that this is from Jennifer's endometriosis. A woman of her age would normally produce many more eggs than she did at the maximum dosage she was at. We also discussed the re-implantation. This will be done on Wednesday morning if the eggs fertilized today. She will be place 2 (possibly 3) embryos back. Dr H. is reluctant to do 3 and be so aggressive on the first round. She does not want a high risk pregnancy for us. Her goal all along is for us to have 1 child, not a litter. The biggest concern would be for the eggs to split (6% chance) or for us to have them at 20 weeks and be disabled. I know we have been joking about having a basketball team (I was saying we should go all out and get 11 so we can field all major sports...). I am really only ordering 2 or maybe 3 max!

When I got to the recovery room, Jen was crying and Dr H. was explaining to her what she had just told me. Jen had wanted as many eggs as possible and was disappointed with the outcome. We both told Jen that we only need 1. She started to feel a little at ease. We stayed for about an hour so that the drugs could wear off. Dr H. will be calling us tomorrow morning to let us know how many fertilized.

I am perfectly happy with where we are right now. It would be nice if everything would just go smoothly for us, but if I have learned anything throughout this process, its never up to us. Its God's decision, and if its our turn, then we have an addition to the family. I personally did not want to have to figure out what to do with any extra embryos. To me, they would be our kids, and I don't know if I could donate or discard any. I don't think Jen could either. So in my opinion we are exactly where we need to be.

On the fun side, Jen was pretty "high" coming out of the procedure. Apparently, she was telling the anesthesiologist to "Get Off!" We aren't sure what she was talking about, but I think she was dreaming about our German Shepherd puppy, Ari, jumping all over her. She also was acting like 10 Second Tom from 50 First Dates asking the same question every 2 minutes or so.

So the plan is now to hopefully get a good call tomorrow morning and have our kids put back into Jen on Wednesday. Jen will have 4 days of bed rest and we have a pregnancy test in a couple weeks. Please keep praying for us and hopefully we have good news soon.



Saturday, August 14, 2010

Retrieval day is tomorrow!!!!

Sorry this is so late but all I have tonight are prayer requests. Please pray that the egg retrieval goes perfect tomorrow and that they are able to take out all 10-12 eggs (however many there are tomorrow). Pray that the sperm sample is a high number (Darryl normally has no problem in this area....but prayer always helps). Pray that when the sperm and eggs are put together that they grow the way they are supposed to. If they are growing at a good rate, I will only have to be on bed rest for 2 days. If they aren't growing at a good rate, I will have to be on bed rest for 4 days. And last but not least, pray that we continue to trust God and that we are able to add a baby (babies) to our family this year. :) We love you all and thank you so much for your support. xoxo

A quote from a book I'm reading, As Silver Refined, by Kay Arthur
Meekness says, "God if this is what You want, then since You promised me it will work together for good, since You promised that it will make me like Christ, since You promised that by enduring this I won't be ashamed when I see You at Your coming, and since You promised that this endurance gives me a crown to lay at Your feet-then God, if it pleases You, it pleases me.

Thanks Dianne for the book! It's helped a lot! :) xoxo

Friday, August 13, 2010

HCG shot!

Just got a call from our wonderful nurse Michelle and she said our surgery time will be 9:00am on Sunday for the egg retrieval. I need to be there at 8:00am and no eating or drinking anything after midnight the night before. We have to take a Ganirelix shot tonight along with our HCG shot at exactly 10:00pm. We still need to go in tomorrow for a blood test but so far we are on schedule. Today the RN said that my follicles were slow growing but it was worth the wait. I guess that means they look good. :)

Please continue to pray for...
1. Our follicles to grow in number and in size
2. We are able to continue with the retrieval and transfer
3. That this first round of IVF works and we are able to add a baby (babies) to our family within the year
4. And most importantly, that we can continue to trust God

Thank you!!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting close...

We had our daily appointment with Dr. H this morning and although I didn't keep track of how many follicles she measured, it seemed to be more than yesterday. She was talking to me throughout the appointment about different thing so I lost count. :) This might be helpful to me since I tend to obsess over how many I have. We also received our HCG shot today to take home with us. The HCG shot is the trigger shot that will allow my body to ovulate so that my doctor can retrieve the eggs 35 hours later (It's also a drug that some major sports stars have been tested positive for to "UP" their game. I find it pretty interesting that a drug I have to take to ovulate, is the same drug that big manly sports stars are taking too. Weird!) This shot is very important and Darryl has to give it to me at the exact time that the doctor tells us to. She's thinking that we will take the shot on Friday night and Sunday will be the retrieval.

Prayer Requests: Please pray...
1. that my follicles continue to grow in number and size
2. that we are able to continue with the retrieval and the transfer
3. that this first round of IVF works and we are able to add a baby (babies) to our family within the year

I can't express enough how much your prayers mean to us. Thank you thank you thank you!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More shots and more appointments...

Our nightly shots... Menopur, Follistim, and Galinex

Another appointment today and everything looked good. Dr. H measured 9 big follicles and I had 2 smaller ones. It seems to be changing each day but she said that a few of my follicles are just taking their time to grow. This is fine but since my ovaries are taking their time, we have to keep refilling the meds. It's getting a little pricey but it will all be worth it in the end. :) It's now looking like we will do the egg retrieval Sunday or Monday. Dr. H also reminded me no exercise, lifting, or cleaning house! Whooo hoooo! (but if you know me, you know that's not easy for me....I'm kind of a clean freak!) :) Please continue to keep us in your prayers these next few appointments and pray that we can continue with the egg retrieval and the embryo transfer with plenty of embryos left over for more children in the future. Thank you again for all the prayers and uplifting messages. xoxo

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another appointment...

We had another appointment today and things still looked good. Dr. H measured 10-11 follicles and said there were 2 more smaller ones growing which made me very happy. I know that all the follicles probably won't finish the race but it's good to know that it's still a pretty good number. She also added in the Ganirelex last night so now I'm up to 3 medications a night. This one gave me a bruise on my tummy because the needle is a little bit thicker and Darryl has to push much harder for it to break the skin. Fun right?? Well I guess this only prepares me for the huge needle that will be going in my back in the next week or so. I'll add some pictures when Darryl has all the needles laid out so you can see all the poking that goes on. Other than that, we are just waiting for the retrieval day. We'll keep you updated! Thank you for all the prayers and nice messages! xoxo

Prayer Requests: Please pray...
1. that my follicles continue to grow in number and in size
2. that the quality of follicles are really GOOD because that means GOOD EGGS!
3. that we continue to trust God
4. that we can add a baby (babies) to our family within the year

Monday, August 9, 2010

Looks good...

Darryl and I had our appointment this morning at 6:30 and the doctor was very pleased with the results. She said my hormone level had gone from the 100's to the 400's in 2 days so she knew something good was going on. She did the ultra sound and found about 11 or 12 follicles growing nicely and I think a few more that were a little smaller than the others. She used a car as an analogy, saying you never know how fast the car can really go until you push on the pedal and give it some gas. The medicine sometimes takes a while to kick in but once it does, it will show us how many follicles my body can produce. She said we would continue with everything and hopefully do the egg retrieval this Friday or Saturday. From now on we go every morning for an ultra sound and blood work just to make sure things are moving along. I am definitely getting the crampy feelings so I'm looking at that as a good sign. And Darryl says I haven't been too moody yet (but maybe he's afraid of what I will do to him if he says I am....haha) I've just been emotional....but that's always better than bitchy right? Thank you for everyone who kept us in their prayers last night. I was ready to accept whatever the doctor decided today as what God wants and am so happy that she wants us to continue. xoxo

Prayer Requests: Please pray...
1. that my follicles will continue to grow in number and size
2. that the quality of each follicle is really GOOD because that means GOOD eggs
3. that we will continue to trust God
4. that we can add a baby (babies) to our family within the year

Sunday, August 8, 2010

All depends on tomorrow...

Yesterday Darryl and I had another appointment. Our doctor wasn't there so we met with the RN. She did the ultra sound and we found out that there were only 7 follicles now measuring above 10mm and 2 measuring below 10mm. She said she would call my doctor and let me know later that night what we should do since my numbers went down. So needless to say, I was a little bit of a mess again because I can't control any of this and I don't know why the numbers are dropping. But the good news was, we had a really fun day yesterday watching my niece/god daughter at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach while my sister in law Trisha was in a wedding. (Thanks for the free hotel room sister!!!!!! We LOVED it!) My other sister in law Jen, also joined us with my niece Delilah! We swam in the pool, went to dinner at Open Sesame in Belmont Shores, and then spent the night cuddling with my 2 favorite nieces.

My doctor called me today and told me for now, let's continue medication and she will see me tomorrow morning. She said my hormone levels have been rising really good so she is expecting good results at tomorrow's appointment. She reminded me that it's not the quantity of the follicles that's important but the quality. She also told me that she will be the first to tell me if we need to cancel because she doesn't want us putting any more money towards this cycle if the chances of it working don't look good.
If we need to start over, she will use a different protocol since my body didn't react to the hormones the way it should have for someone my age. However......most 30 year olds going through this overproduce follicles which then causes most of the follicles to have poor quality. And Darryl told me today that he has been praying that we have little or no embryos left over from our IVFs because he doesn't want us to have to make the decision of what to do with them when we are done having children. Do we continue to freeze them? Do we donate them? Do we get rid of them? Very ethical questions that are not the easiest to answer. So maybe God is just making sure we have the perfect amount. Only he knows the plans he has for us. :)

Prayer Requests: Please pray...
1. that tomorrow's appointment goes GREAT and that we are able to continue with this cycle
2. that we will continue to trust God
3. that we can add a baby (babies) to our family within this year

Thank you!!!!!!! We love hearing from everyone who is praying for us. We are hearing that lots of you have your children praying for us too which is sooooooooo awesome!!!!! Tell them all thank you from us! xoxo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today's Appointment....

So Darryl and I had an appointment this morning at 6:30 to have an ultra sound and a blood test. The doctor said I have 6 follicles in my left ovary and 6 on my right....I was thinking that was pretty good but when I asked her if that was good or bad, she said, "it is what it is." So right away I knew that probably wasn't great. She said my hormone levels weren't where they were supposed to be on Monday so that's why she added in the extra shot so fast. Today I will get a call telling me what our next step is. Whether or not we need to add more medication or less. And I was a bad girl and started looking stuff up on the internet and found out that 12 follicles total is considered low. So of course now I'm worried about it and to top it off my P.O.S. car started acting up AGAIN today. Needless to say, it's been a tear filled morning (and that could be all the meds I'm on too) but I'm praying for calmness and acceptance. Everyone keeps reminding me that it only takes one egg and one sperm. I know they're right and that it's completely up to God anyway. One way or another....I know we will become parents.

Prayer Requests: Please pray....
1. that our next ultra sound will show many more follicles and that maybe my body is just a few days behind
2. that I can remain calm and accept the fact that God is in control, and be thankful for the many blessings we already have
3. that the medication will do it's job
4. that we will be able to add a baby (babies) to our family within the next year


Monday, August 2, 2010

Call from the nurse...

Just got a call from our nurse telling us to up the Follistim to 450 units and add in the Menopur shots as well. So it looks like I get 3 shots tonight and every night until we meet with the doc on Thursday. I'm a little worried about the Menopur because it's not a prepackaged shot....we actually have to measure and mix powders. So wish us luck! :)


Friday we were able to begin our Follistim shots for the first time. (These shots go into my belly right below the bellybutton) Darryl did an amazing job! He was a little nervous but ended up doing it perfectly and I barely felt it. Yeah! The only thing that sucks is that he has to give me 300 units of the medicine and each vial has 400. So instead of throwing the extra away, he has to give me the leftover medicine the next night and then refill so that I get 300. This means 2 shots sometimes but so far it hasn't been too bad.
We had an appointment this morning with Dr. H. She did an ultra sound and a blood test. So far all looks good and our next appointment will be Thursday morning. She will let us know then if we need to add the other two shots into our nightly routine. Until then, we just do the Follistim shots each night.
Thanks again for all your prayers and support and we will keep you all updated. :)

Prayer Requests: Please pray...
1. That Darryl and I will continue to stay healthy during this time
2. That with each ultra sound the Doctor will see that I am progressing the way I am supposed to
3. That Darryl and I get to add a healthy baby (babies) to our family within the next year.