This is why...

This blog has been created to give our family and friends an idea of our journey through infertility and the steps we chose to take to make our dream of becoming parents a reality. There may be a few graphic details here and there, along with some fun photos, but most importantly, we wanted to document these events in our lives for our future children and for anyone else who dreams of becoming a parent. Enjoy!

*Anyone who may be interested in us as adoptive parents, please feel free to check out our link at Bethany.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Adoption, here we come! :)

Darryl and I met with our friends Matt and Melanie last Wednesday night and on the way home from their house, decided adoption was what we wanted to do. This couple was such a blessing to talk to. We were able to share a lot of the same feelings about infertility and they were able to share their joys of adopting their little girl. Thank you Matt and Melanie, for being so supportive and for openly sharing your experience with us. :)
The next morning, Darryl and I filled out the first application and sent in our first payment. We found out today that our application was approved and we attend an orientation meeting on Wednesday. We are so lucky that the class is this week. They only hold this mandatory meeting once every couple of months. The next class will be held in January, and most likely when we are out of town. We would have had to wait 4 more months just to get the ball rolling so thank God we turned in our paperwork right away. We will let you know how it goes but for now please keep us in your prayers. Pray that this process will go by smoothly and as stress free as possible. Pray that the birth mom that picks us will be carrying the exact baby that God wants us to have. Pray for her safety and the safety of our future baby (babies). Thank you again for checking in on us. xoxo

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trying to move on...

Hi everyone...well, it's been a long couple of weeks. We said goodbye to my Grandpa last Saturday at a beautiful memorial service at Knott Ave. Christian Church. Many people came up to me and said it was the best they had ever been to. My Grandpa was a wonderful man who will not be forgotten.
It's taken me a couple of week to compose myself and try to move forward with the baby process. It's been hard but, as we all say...we aren't getting any younger. :) As of now, I'm taking a vitamin called "Fertility Blend" and will start another vitamin called "Bee Propolis" which is supposed to be very helpful to people with endometriosis. For now I'm staying off birth control but we have also decided to move ahead with the adoption process. I wrote Bethany Christian Services yesterday and will receive the packet in the mail in a couple of days. Darryl and I will sit down this week to fill out an online questionnaire and send in the first fee. We are meeting with some friends tomorrow night who have gone through Bethany and had a wonderful experience. They said they would love to share their journey, have us meet their daughter, and let us know when the next Bethany information meeting is. Darryl and I just need to figure out how much this will all cost and think of some ways to finance it so we can have our family started as soon as possible. It will definitely be nice to talk with another couple who has gone through it all.
Thank you to all of you who are keeping up with our blog and for keeping us in your prayers. We know that God has the perfect baby in mind for us and he is just waiting for the perfect time to send him/her home. Hope you all have a wonderful 3 or 4 day weekend and we will keep you updated. xoxo