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This blog has been created to give our family and friends an idea of our journey through infertility and the steps we chose to take to make our dream of becoming parents a reality. There may be a few graphic details here and there, along with some fun photos, but most importantly, we wanted to document these events in our lives for our future children and for anyone else who dreams of becoming a parent. Enjoy!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy first birthday Claire!

Yes, yes! I know, it's been a while but I realized I should probably blog about our precious angel turning 1 before she turns 2! I didn't want to throw Claire some over the top crazy birthday party because (A) she's one, and will never remember it, (B) it's a lot of work that I don't have time to do, and (C) we are not rich! :) But with the help of Pinterest, my bestie Emmy, and my friend Sarah we were able to throw Claire a decent Minnie Mouse first birthday party. Here's some pics of our day. Happy birthday to my baby girl! (who turned 1 in October!)Wow! Time really flies!
My sister-in-law's sister-in-law (if that makes any sense)...made Claire this super cute Minnie Mouse dress for her party!

Claire had a fun time running around in her Minnie Mouse bounce house! She didn't do much bouncing but still had a good time.

Auntie Arielle and Uncle Kirt gave their niece some birthday love!

The boys doing what they do best!

It was a small bounce house but the kiddos had fun!

Bro, Dad, Bro!

Our little princess waiting patiently for her cake!

Our messy girl loved her Minnie Mouse cake! Thanks Auntie Tina and Uncle David!

Our good friends Stephanie and Casey, from our adoption agency along with their daughter Sydney.

Auntie Arielle helped Claire Bear open up her presents!

We had a great day! Thank you to all that helped out, came out to play, and have prayed for our family and adoption! We love you all! Happy birthday Claire!

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