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This blog has been created to give our family and friends an idea of our journey through infertility and the steps we chose to take to make our dream of becoming parents a reality. There may be a few graphic details here and there, along with some fun photos, but most importantly, we wanted to document these events in our lives for our future children and for anyone else who dreams of becoming a parent. Enjoy!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

More Yosemite Pics!

Here are some more pics from Yosemite!
The hubby and I getting ready for our first hike!

Our sleeping beauty. She did so good on all of our hikes. Thank God for the Bob!
Waterfalls everywhere! This was one of my Grandpa's favorites.
 It's cold out here but I'm a happy camper! 

Audrey, Bryan and Trisha looking all cute by the river.
The Shirleys. This is where we said goodbye to Grandpa a year ago. The big rock marks the spot.
I told Trisha she has to take a few pics like this. :)
Audrey and Mommy
Papa and Audrey walking along.
Such a cute pic! :)
Claire loves her baby Bjorn. I think Daddy likes it too!
Off to see another waterfall.
"Hi Mama!"
We felt the need to re-enact the Dirty Dancing scene! (We didn't know other people were watching us! Hahahaha!)
Standing at the foot of one of the waterfalls and getting pretty wet!
Smile! Pretend you're not getting soaking wet right now! :)
So pretty!
The whole gang!
The deer just walked around everywhere! Pretty cool to see!
Trisha and Audrey taking a little walk before dinner.
Beautiful Audrey
Uncle Bryan and his girls.

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